Come and visit us for lots of fun..GangZone is the 1st outdoor laser game which has a 200 meters distance network gun invisible laser beam.

We use the latest in technology in terms of weapon and sensors that is allowed in the entertainment field.

We are equipped with 40 easy to use Raptor 3 tactical guns. You can have loads of fun, you can also use strategy to complete any mission.

It is best played in groups where you will have to communicate with your team members to advance in the mission.

You can even rush in if you believe this is the best option.

At GangZone, we allow any age as from 8 years old to 70 (as long as you understand, respect and apply the rules on the battle field).

We will also provide you with a little café area where you can relax and drink something just to chill out or in between games. The café will be only to provide you with some energy drinks to boost your health type of thing because we will concentrate more on the games and accessories.

We provide Team Building to any groups and companies who wish to build up better relationship between employers and employees.

We provide a lot of game fun for birthday parties wherever you decide to play on our field or at your own home.

Well, welcome to The GangZone Battle ground. We hope you will enjoy it as much as us. See you there..

Normal price Rs200 for 15mins per pax..

Promotion price : 2 rounds = 1 free

Contactez-nous par mail
Contactez-nous par téléphone
Réserver en ligne
20 min 200Mur/joueur
60 min 500 Mur/Joueur
3 heures 1.000 Mur/Joueur

Groupes (min 10p)

3 heures

800 Mur/joueur

Une partie dure en moyenne 10 minutes...

Lorque la partie est finie, le joueur enchaîne une partie suivante jusqu'à ce que sa limite de jeu (20 min ou 60 min) soit épuisée.

Il vous est dès lor possible de jouer plusieurs parties pour 200Mur.

Plan d'accès

Gang Zone, Endemika à Forêt Daruty.